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3 OMEGA - Dairy Free Flax Drink

There are two types of 3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax Drink:

the slightly sweetened ORIGINAL.

Both taste delicious, but we've just added a little organic cane sugar to the ORIGINAL to make it a bit sweeter for people who like things that way.

All this goodness comes at between 70-82 calories a glass!

Unopened litre packs can be kept in the pantry for 12 months. Once opened they should be stored in the fridge for no longer than seven days.

Original and Unsweetened 3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax drink means that substitution never again has to mean compromise.

Now, that's Good Karma!

A 240 ml glass of 3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax Drink contains
  • 1,200mg Omega 3
  • 288mg Calcium
  • 27μg Vitamin K
  • 1.8μg Vitamin D
  • 1g Protein